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Accommodation reservation schedule management

We try to respond politely to the reservation messages of foreign guests who are planning to visit Japan so that they will lead to good reviews.

Pricing / Competitive Analysis

We also act on behalf of changing and adjusting price settings so that monthly sales are maximized according to the time of year.

Inquiries and reviews

The staff will answer kindly and friendly. We will increase the reservation rate. In addition, we will handle the submission of reviews to guests on your behalf.

Check-in / out

To ensure a comfortable stay, we will send a guidance message to our guests before and after check-in and out.

Cleaning / linen replacement

Our cleaning staff or affiliated cleaning staff will carefully perform cleaning on your behalf. In addition to washing and cleaning, we also purchase and replenish consumables during operation.

Improvement / repair activities

We will also work on improvement activities and repair work so that many foreign guests visiting Japan can visit us in the next few years.

​369-134 Kitayoshihara, Shiraoi, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido 059-0923
TEL: 070-2684-0707 


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