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Setting Service Content 

Introduction and consultation of property selection

We will propose properties and land utilization methods based on our know-how, taking into consideration the location, floor plan, cost, risk, etc. that are suitable for special zone minpaku management.

Condition negotiation /  contract registration

Utilizing our local connection, we will negotiate the terms of the property, make a contract, register the real estate, etc., and aim to start the private lodging business speedily.

Private lodging permit application

There are individual provisions for permit applications depending on the ordinances of local governments. Experienced administrative scriveners affiliated with us will apply accurately and promptly.


Our partner affiliated staff will propose and construct the best interior and concept for monetization.

Arrangement of firefighting equipment and lifelines

In addition to setting up firefighting facilities that are indispensable for applying for private lodging, we will also open and set up water, electricity, gas, communication equipment, etc.

Explanation to neighbors

The explanation to the local residents is smooth because we have established a connection in Izumisano City.

​369-134 Kitayoshihara, Shiraoi, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido 059-0923
TEL: 070-2684-0707 


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